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How to sell your own art

I have just published Selling Your Own Art, which is a companion book of To the Artist in Search of a Gallery. Many artists have confided Selling Your Own Artto me recently that their gallery sales have been declining, and they have been investigating the possibility of doing more self-sales. Selling Your Own Art presents the importance of a comprehensive sales plan, and guides the artist in creating an effective plan. It also highlights sales opportunities that are often overlooked by artists. For emerging artists, the book also provides a step-by-step program for starting their own art careers.

Selling Your Own Art also has a comprehensive chapter on how to generate income from other arts-related income possibilities such as mural painting, illustration and art licensing. Whether the artist is currently represented by galleries or attempting to sell his or her own art, there are plenty of suggestions for expanding art income.

Artists can succeed without galleries, and Selling Your Own Art points the way. The book is available on Amazon or my own site: InnovativeBooks.net.

Great Artists - You may not know


Self Portrait - Suzanne ValadonI have always been fascinated by the human side of art. I'm interested as much in the artist as I am about their art. Several years ago, I finished the play, A Short Evening with Toulouse-Lautrec. Toulouse-Lautrec was one of those bigger than life persons (forgive the pun), and he was also surrounded by a fascinating cast of characters. Of these, Suzanne Valadon was one of most interesting and unappreciated artists of her time. Many references to her note that she was the mother of Maurice Utrillo and imply that her son's career overshadowed her's. In truth, her work was innovative and continued and evolved a line of art in the style of Bernard, Anquetin and Gauguin.

As a young woman, she was a very popular model and posed for some of the most memorable paintings by August Pierre Renoir, whom she had an affair, and Edgar Degas, who gave her drawing lessons. She also modeled for Toulouse-Lautrec with whom she had an ambiguous relationship. (SEE: below.) To learn about Valadon and see some of her work. Click here.

I have also completed a video on the relationship between between Toulouse-Lautrec and Valadon. The relationship was one of the most enigmatic in art history. Valadon had hoped to get Lautrec to marry her. When he refused, she moved on to Edgar Degas who befriended her, He was also instrumental in launching her career as an artist. Click here or on the image below to view the video on YouTube.


Six places to paint
and sell art

Most artists prefer the seclusion of the studio or the field, but street artists paint where the people are.

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Recent appraisals

Beach Stroll
By Elizabeth Wentworth Roberts

The Beach Stroll  by Elizabeth Wentworth Roberts

A group of artists who I admire are the end of the 19th Century, New England woman artists. One such artist was Elizabeth Wentworth Roberts, who like many of her female contemporaries was never fully appreciated. She had a difficult life, and would eventually commit suicide at the age of 56. Her most appealing pieces and highest priced pieces were her figurative beach scenes, such as Beach Stroll. This 24x28" piece appraised for $28,000 while similar sized pieces of different subject matter would appraise for less than half that.

For more information about appraisals, I can be reached at 720-425-3178 or visit my site ColoradoArtAppraisals.com.

To the artist in search of a galleryBooks

To the Artist
In Search
of a Gallery

To the artist in search of a gallery is now available. For every artist who is considering gallery representation, it is an insightful guide to the challenges involved and ways to overcome those challenges. For artists who have given up on galleries, its original approach may encourage another try.

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