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George Condo scores big in London

George Condo continues to rack up impressive auction sales. Most recently at Chirstie's London Contemporary auction on March 9, two of Condo's recent works fetched over $1 million, both well over their pre-sale estimates.

The two pieces, Nude with Purple Hair ($550,000) and The Rock ($490,000) were both painted in 2010, measuring 80 x 70” in oil, acrylic and charcoal.

As one of America's most popular living artist, he has been amazing prolific with dozens of major pieces each year. His production has done little to discourage sales with his top pieces selling for over $1 million.


Claudio Bravo: Photorealist

Irises by Claudio Bravo

Hyperrealism or photorealism is frequently under appreciated by art critics as well as a large part of the community of the artists. Much of the complaint appears to do with the fact that the painting does have the appearance of a photograph. “Why paint if it looks like a photograph.” For these artists, the work is just not “painterly.” I often believe such complaints come out of painterly jealousy. The technical talent to produce hyperrealism is much beyond that of most artists. Secondly, hyperrealism is often associated with narrative, which is also a no-no for many artists. Heaven forbid if the art actually told a story. Hyperrealism is often employed in surreal art such as that of Dali.

Claudio Bravo's art was heavily influenced by the work of Dali and the other 20th Century surrealists. Bravo was born in Chile, but as he developed his skill he was drawn to Europe and later to New York where he quickly enjoyed success and renown. Although he enjoyed the urbanity of these cities, he eventually discovered Morocco where he felt a strong kinship. He would settle there for 30 years until his death in 2012.

Bravo was probably the finest hyperrealist of his generation, and would have significant influence on the subculture of like painters with many found in Colorado.

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To the Artist in Search of a Gallery


To the Artist in Search
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With the beginning of the new year, it may be time to recruit your first gallery or perhaps add a second or a third. To the Artist in Search of a Gallery provides the know-how to achieve this. PLUS: Workshop participants receive featured listing on artistswatch.com

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Gallery or no Gallery?

Many artists who attended my To the Artist in Search of a Gallery workshop told me later that one of the most value aspects of the workshop was learning the pros and cons of gallery representation. For most is was a real eye-opener and some decided that gallery representation would not work for them. This article is an overview of the issue.

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Recent appraisals

The Angel
By Marie Laurencin

The Beach Stroll  by Elizabeth Wentworth Roberts

Marie Laurencin was one of the few women artist who adopted cubism in her work. She also painted charming vignettes like this one. This small 9.5 x 7" graphite and colored pencil piece appraised for a replacement value of $4850.

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