RL Foster Arts - October 2016

ArtistsWatch Will Deliver
Over 300 eLetters to US Galleries

I have updated by gallery email list to now include over 300 US galleries. In the last week of February, the ArtistWatch eLetter will be distributed to these galleries. For artists who are seeking to expand their gallery representation, ArtistsWatch is an effective method without any cost to the artist. I will be adding new artists to my featured artists this month, and the priority will be all those artists who sign-up for my workshop on February 26, and other artists will be chosen on a first-come basis.

The ArtistWatch site includes featured artists each month, but galleries can search for other artists using keywords such as landscape, still life, portrait, oil, watercolor etc. Getting into galleries is no easy process so the artist should avail themselves to every opportunity -- ArtistsWatch is one of the easiest without any investment except for a little time.

Registering for ArtistsWatch takes only about 10 minutes of your time. Simply go to the website, ArtistsWatch, and click to the block, "Join ArtistsWatch." After the information has been forwarded to me, I will contact you via email for the art you wish to show.

Books for Artists

Whether you seeking galleries to sell your work or want to sell your own work, these books provide invaluable insight and instruction. Order here or on Amazon.

To the Artist in Search of a Gallery


To the Artist in Search
Of a Gallery

Sunday, March 26. 10 - 4 pm

With the beginning of the new year, it may be time to recruit your first gallery or perhaps add a second or a third. To the Artist in Search of a Gallery provides the know-how to achieve this. PLUS: Workshop participants receive featured listing on artistswatch.com

More information and signup


Gallery or no Gallery?

Many artists who attended my To the Artist in Search of a Gallery workshop told me later that one of the most value aspects of the workshop was learning the pros and cons of gallery representation. For most is was a real eye-opener and some decided that gallery representation would not work for them. This article is an overview of the issue.

Read article at SellingYourArt.net

Recent appraisals

The Angel
By Marie Laurencin

The Beach Stroll  by Elizabeth Wentworth Roberts

Marie Laurencin was one of the few women artist who adopted cubism in her work. She also painted charming vignettes like this one. This small 9.5 x 7" graphite and colored pencil piece appraised for a replacement value of $4850.

For more information about appraisals, I can be reached at 720-425-3178 or visit my site ColoradoArtAppraisals.com.

Monthly Newsletter

Each month, I distribute my newsletter with a focus on opportunities for artists to increase their sales: either from new galleries or self-selling. Plus some personal insights on the state of the art business. I extend my invitation to you to signup for my newsletter.